Personal Finances

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Assessment 45min-1 hour


              - Financial needs analysis 

              - Recommendations to obtain financial independence and                    reach your goals

Implementation 1-2 hours


              - The implementation of options you wish to pursue that                    were presented in the assessment 

              - Ongoing support to reach your goals

These sessions are designed to give you the education you need to improve your financial situation. They are free of charge and come with no obligations. We earn commissions on the services you choose to utilize. 

This session is designed to teach you everything you need to manage the finances of your small business without having to hire an employee.

However, we realize that not everyone wants to take on the bookkeeping, so we also offer Regular bookkeeping services if you do not wish to do it yourself but still do not require an employee (See Virtual Assistant Tab for Info)

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Small Business Finances

Small Business Bookkeeping 101 3-4 hours


              - QuickBooks how to course or set up of manual tracking                      system 

              - Bookkeeping Basics course to teach you what you need to                  manage your own bookkeeping  

              - Tips and techniques for organizing your computer and                      filing cabinet

              - Bookkeeping 101 tips and tricks PDF

              - Ongoing support and assistance during and after your                      session