Chaos to Harmony Organizing

Offering complete home and business organizing services, financial services, and virtual assisting for small business owners


Get to Know Me

Born and raised in small town Ontario I ran off to the city to study business with a focus in accounting. Upon completion of my diploma I wanted to create something that could better peoples lives. Having created closet systems and organized bedrooms for my Maplelea Dolls at the age of 6 and still being naturally good at living a decluttered and organized life that’s where I began. Feeling I could do more, I pushed the boundaries of the organizing world to help people change their money stories and live out their dreams without having to worry about their bank accounts. That’s when I realized individuals have lots of access to help, but small business owners are left struggling to manage everything on their own. Chaos to Harmony Organizing is now a multi service business revolving around the roots of organization to bring stress free environments, education, and assistant to all.

Why Choose Chaos to Harmony Organizing? 


Customized Service

Everyone has different needs, Chaos to Harmony Organizing  works WITH you to create a custom solution.

Large Variety

Chaos to Harmony offers a large variety of services and packages to suit your needs. 

Competitive Rates

Being organized shouldn't be a luxury, it's a necessity.