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Chaos to Harmony Organizing

Offering complete home, business, and financial organization: decluttering, filing, photo organizing, income protection, investing, retirement, education planning and more! 


Get to Know Me

I was born and raised in the small town of Minden, Ontario, in a house that was constantly an unfinished mess. My bedroom was the only place to get away from the clutter of renovations that was going on everywhere else, so I naturally took to keeping it organized. My closet has been colour coded for as long as I can remember, and even as a kid my two Maplelea Dolls had an organized bedroom and a complete closet system of their own.

I find inner peace in an organized room and creating this harmony for others is truly my passion. 

I believe everything has a place, but I know one place doesn't work for everyone. I pride myself on my customized service that allows me to find a place for everything that works specifically for you.   


Why Choose Chaos to Harmony Organizing? 


Customized Service

Everyone has different needs, Chaos to Harmony Organizing recognizes that and works WITH you to create a custom solution.

Large Variety

Chaos to Harmony offers a large variety of services and packages to suit your needs. Not only do we set up a customized system we will also help you maintain it. We can help you get your home and business in order, then we can help you protect it by taking the chaos out of finances!

Competitive Rates

Being organized shouldn't be a luxury, it's a necessity. Chaos to Harmony Organizing gives everyone the ability to bring harmony into their lives. Offering free financial and home assessments.

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